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Is Google Fonts compliant with the GDPR?

Simple answer - No.

What is google fonts?

Google Fonts is an interactive directory of over 1400 fonts provided by Google LLC for free use.

Why can Google Fonts be warned?

If your website does not embed Google Fonts locally, a request is automatically sent to the Google server when a page is opened. In this request, the user's IP address is transmitted to Google without consent.

The transfer of the user's IP address in the above-mentioned manner and the associated encroachment on the general right of personality is so significant with regard to the loss of control over a personal data to a company that is known to collect data about its users and the individual discomfort felt by the user as a result that a claim for damages is justified.

How can we protect your website from Google Fonts warnings?

There are several methods to embed Google Fonts. Besides the "wrong" method, the fonts can be embedded locally. This means that the font is stored on your server and does not have to be retrieved from the Google server. This way no IP address is passed on to Google.

Urteil Landgericht München zu Google Fonts

Das Landgericht München gab der Klage am 19.01.2022 statt. Dem Kläger stehe gegen die Websitebetreiberin ein Anspruch auf Unterlassung der Weitergabe seiner IP-Adressen an Google zu (§ 823 Abs. 1 i.V.m. § 1004 BGB analog). Die unerlaubte Weitergabe der dynamischen IP-Adresse des Klägers an Google verletze dessen allgemeines Persönlichkeitsrecht in Form des informationellen Selbstbestimmungsrechts nach § 823 Abs. 1 BGB.

LG München, Urteil vom 19.01.2022, Az. 3 O 17493/20

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How to check if you use Google fonts?


Visit your website and click F12.


Switch to the Network Analysis tab.


Look for requests with the host fonts.googleapis or fonts.gstatic.

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